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  • Energy Saver Launches New Twitter Account

    Be sure to follow @EnergySaver on Twitter to stay up to date will all the latest Energy Saver tips, campaigns, and energy efficiency and renewable energy information!

  • #EnergyFaceoff: The battle for efficiency begins

    Energy Saver presents #EnergyFaceoff! Each week two appliances will face off to determine which uses less energy, with the victor declared as the most efficient. Join the conversation by using #EnergyFaceoff on social media, and guessing which appliance you think will reign supreme.

  • Get Ready for Heating Season

    Learn everything you need to know about home heating-- from the different types of systems to proper maintenance and energy-saving advice for winter on the Energy Saver home heating infographic.

  • #EnergySaverDIY: Projects to Save Energy at Home

    Check out Energy Saver's do-it-yourself home energy saving projects, and send us pictures or stories of your energy-efficiency projects with #EnergySaverDIY on social media and you just might see your post on the Energy Saver Facebook!

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