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Building America Meetings

Photo of people watching a presentation on a screen the foreground shows a person's hands taking notes on a notepad.The Department of Energy's (DOE) Building America program hosts open meetings and webinars for industry partners and stakeholders that provide a forum to exchange information about various aspects of residential building research.

Current Webinars

The Building America program continues its webinar series into 2016! Each free webinar will offer information about the latest advances in residential building technologies and practices, presented by Building America research team and national laboratory experts.

Stump the Building Chump: Joe Lstiburek
Time: November 29, 2016, 3-4 p.m. EST

This new webinar series from the DOE Building America Program challenges professionals in the residential construction industry to ask building science questions that stump the building science experts! We want to know what problems are most vexing to you and your teams. It's our program goal to help provide solutions – or develop them where they don't already exist.

Our first expert is Dr. Joe Lstiburek, the founding principal of Building Science Corporation. Can you stump more than 30 years of industry expertise?

Submit your questions to We will feature the best questions during a webinar with our experts where they will answer your questions, and provide resources to help you solve the toughest building science challenges.

Your questions should be clear and concise, and should focus on challenges related to the building science of achieving high levels of energy performance in new and/or existing homes.

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Air Sealing Best Practices and Code Compliance for Multi-Family Area Separation Walls
Time: December 15, 2016, 1-2:30 p.m. EST

For more than 20 years, the DOE Building America Program has been partnering with industry to bring cutting-edge housing research on energy efficiency to the residential building industry and the public. This webinar will provide an overview of area separation wall assembly construction in multi-family buildings, air sealing methods, and code compliance requirements.

Air sealing of area separation wall assemblies is an identified barrier that limits the ability of builders to cost effectively achieve higher energy efficiency and quality levels in multi-family housing. Area separation wall assemblies that are tested and certified by UL have not been designed or tested for air tightness, and air leakage through these assemblies can be a barrier to achieving air leakage limits mandated by the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The 2012/2015 IECC mandates 3 ACH50 in climate zones 3-8 measured air leakage requirements for all units within multifamily buildings.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program, ASHRAE Standard 189, and ASHRAE 62.2 all have comparable compartmentalization requirements. Fire-resistance rated wall assemblies (or area separation walls) have been identified as the major source of difficulty in air sealing/compartmentalization. Building owners are challenged with constructing to significantly tighter levels, addressing compartmentalization issues between units, and adopting test procedures to prove compliance.

Current efforts to engage with UL may address these challenges and provide a mechanism for code acceptance of air sealing methods for these area separation wall assemblies. Join us on this webinar to learn more about these challenges and current efforts to resolve them. The speakers are: Pam Cole, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Ari Rapport, IBACOS Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogic.

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 Past Webinars

Date Title
11/16/16 Advanced Technical Solutions for Zero Energy Ready Homes: Renewable Integration  
9/28/16 Score with Indoor Air Quality  
8/30/16 Building America Quarterly Team Project Update
8/24/16 Partnering for Improved Building Science
8/17/16 Building America Research: Part 2 - What Makes a Successful Project?
8/10/16 Building America Research: Part 1 - Update and Outlook
6/28/16 Are the Walls Closing In?

Advances in Manufactured Home Energy Efficient Design


New Code Compliance Briefs Assist in Resolving Codes and Standards Concerns in Energy Innovations

12/16/15 Combustion Safety in Existing Homes
11/18/15 High Performance HVAC Systems, Part II: Low-Load HVAC Systems for Single and Multifamily Applications
10/28/15 High Performance Enclosure Strategies, Part II: Low-E Storm Windows and Window Attachments
9/24/15 Building America Solution Center Overview
8/26/15 Ventilation Strategies for High Performance Homes, Part I:  Application-specific Ventilation Guidance
7/22/15 Put New Tools and Content on the Building America Solution Center to Work for You!
6/24/15 New Construction Hybrid-Ductless Heat Pumps Study: Resistance is Futile
5/20/15 Resolving Codes and Standards Issues to Energy Innovations
4/7/15 Building America Technology-to-Market Roadmaps
3/18/15 Building America Research Tools
2/12/15 High-Performance Enclosure Strategies, Part 1: Unvented Roof Systems and Innovative Advanced Framing Strategies
1/21/15 Central Multifamily Water Heating Systems
12/17/14 Building America: Research for Real-World Results
11/18/14 High Performance Space Conditioning Systems, Part II
10/23/14 High Performance Space Conditioning Systems, Part I
9/24/14 Multifamily Ventilation Strategies and Compartmentalization Requirements
9/9/14 Low-E Storms: The Next Big Thing in Window Retrofits
8/13/14 High Performance Enclosure Strategies: Part II, New Construction
7/16/14 Retrofitting Central Space Conditioning Strategies for Multifamily Buildings
6/25/14 Who's Successfully Doing Deep Energy Retrofits?
5/21/14 High Performance Building Enclosures: Part I, Existing Homes
5/15/14 Building Energy Optimization Tool (BEopt) Training
4/16/14 Opportunities in Large Data Collection and Analysis
3/19/14 Standardized Retrofit Packages — What Works to Meet Consistent Levels of Performance?

View other past webinars focused on residential energy efficiency on the webinar archives page.

Upcoming Meetings

There are no Building America meetings scheduled at this time. Please subscribe to Building America news and updates to receive notification of future meetings.

Past Technical and Stakeholder Meetings

Expert Meetings

Building America hosts several expert meetings each year on a variety of building energy efficiency topics, which are presented by research team members. This page provides links to past expert meetings proceedings, including presentations and related documents.

Date Team Expert Meeting
9/29/14 IBACOS Code Challenges with Multi-Family Area Separation Walls
10/12/12 BSC Recommended Approaches to Humidity Control in High Performance Homes
9/28/12 ARBI Exploring the Disconnect Between Rated and Field Performance of Water Heating Systems
7/28/12 BSC Cladding Attachment over Exterior Insulation
6/28/12 PARR Combustion Safety
2/8/12 NAHB Research Center Key Innovations for Adding Energy Efficiency to Maintenance Projects
11/15/11 NorthernSTAR Foundation Research Results
11/14/11 NorthernSTAR Window Options for New and Existing Homes
10/31/11 ARBI Energy Savings You Can Bank On
10/25/11 CARB Retrofit Implementation: A Neighborhood at a Time
10/13/11 ARIES Advanced Envelope Research Update
9/13/11 BARA Transforming Existing Buildings Through New Media: An Idea Exchange
7/31/11 BSC Recommendations for Applying Water Heaters in Combination Space and Domestic Water Heating Systems
7/30/11 BSC Interior Insulation of Masonry Structures
7/28/11 PARR Achieving the Best Installed Performance from High-Efficiency Residential Gas Furnaces
7/13/11 ARIES Hydronic Heating in Multifamily Buildings
3/29/11 IBACOS Transitioning Traditional HVAC Contractors to Whole House Performance
3/11/11 IBACOS Simplified Space Conditioning Systems for Energy Efficient Houses
11/16/10 BA-PIRC Delivering Better, Cheaper, and Faster Retrofits through Stakeholder-Focused Research
10/1-2/10 NREL Advanced Home Energy Management
4/26/10 BSC Diagnostic Measurement and Performance Feedback for Residential Space Conditioning System Equipment

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