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Building America Meetings

Photo of people watching a presentation on a screen the foreground shows a person's hands taking notes on a notepad.The Department of Energy's (DOE) Building America program hosts open meetings and webinars for industry partners and stakeholders that provide a forum to exchange information about various aspects of residential building research.

Upcoming Meetings

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Past Technical and Stakeholder Meetings

Current Webinars

The Building America program continues its webinar series into 2015! Each month's free webinar will offer information about the latest advances in residential building technologies and practices, presented by Building America research team experts.

Central Multifamily Water Heating Systems

Date/Time:  January 21, 2015; 3:00-4:30 PM EST
Description: Join us for a free webinar that will focus on the effective use of central heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) and control systems to reduce the energy use in hot water distribution.Presenters and specific topics for this webinar include:

• Elizabeth Weitzel, Alliance for Residential Building Innovation, presenting Multifamily Central Heat Pump Water Heating. The presentation will focus on the findings of an evaluation effort of a nominal 10.5 ton central HPWH installed at the UC Davis West Village Zero Net Energy community, which was monitored from October 2011 through February 2013. The unit is one of 45 similar HPWHs installed in student apartment buildings at West Village. Findings from the field monitoring were used to develop and validate a TRNSYS simulation to project performance in various climates. The monitoring provided useful information to the developer and installing contractors as they worked through early issues in implementing a technology new to them.

• Jordan Dentz and Eric Ansanelli, Advanced Residential Integrated Energy Solutions, presenting Control Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption of Central Domestic Hot Water. Water heating is typically the second largest energy end use in U.S. buildings, exceeded only by space conditioning. Central domestic hot water (CDHW) systems are commonly used in multifamily buildings to provide domestic hot water. This presentation will summarize the results of a field study in which two types of CDHW controls—demand control and temperature modulation—were retrofit into four existing multifamily buildings in NewYork. Energy savings, cost savings, and resident satisfaction will be presented, including interactive effects with space conditioning systems.

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Past Webinars

Date Title
12/17/14 Building America: Research for Real-World Results
11/18/14 High Performance Space Conditioning Systems, Part II
10/23/14 High Performance Space Conditioning Systems, Part I
9/24/14 Multifamily Ventilation Strategies and Compartmentalization Requirements
9/9/14 Low-E Storms: The Next Big Thing in Window Retrofits
8/13/14 High Performance Enclosure Strategies: Part II, New Construction
7/16/14 Retrofitting Central Space Conditioning Strategies for Multifamily Buildings
6/25/14 Who's Successfully Doing Deep Energy Retrofits?
5/21/14 High Performance Building Enclosures: Part I, Existing Homes
5/15/14 Building Energy Optimization Tool (BEopt) Training
4/16/14 Opportunities in Large Data Collection and Analysis
3/19/14 Standardized Retrofit Packages — What Works to Meet Consistent Levels of Performance?

View other past webinars focused on residential energy efficiency on the webinar archives page.

Expert Meetings

Building America hosts several expert meetings each year on a variety of building energy efficiency topics, which are presented by research team members. This page provides links to past expert meetings proceedings, including presentations and related documents.

Date Team Expert Meeting
9/29/14 IBACOS Code Challenges with Multi-Family Area Separation Walls
10/12/12 BSC Recommended Approaches to Humidity Control in High Performance Homes
9/28/12 ARBI Exploring the Disconnect Between Rated and Field Performance of Water Heating Systems
7/28/12 BSC Cladding Attachment over Exterior Insulation
6/28/12 PARR Combustion Safety
2/8/12 NAHB Research Center Key Innovations for Adding Energy Efficiency to Maintenance Projects
11/15/11 NorthernSTAR Foundation Research Results
11/14/11 NorthernSTAR Window Options for New and Existing Homes
10/31/11 ARBI Energy Savings You Can Bank On
10/25/11 CARB Retrofit Implementation: A Neighborhood at a Time
10/13/11 ARIES Advanced Envelope Research Update
9/13/11 BARA Transforming Existing Buildings Through New Media: An Idea Exchange
7/31/11 BSC Recommendations for Applying Water Heaters in Combination Space and Domestic Water Heating Systems
7/30/11 BSC Interior Insulation of Masonry Structures
7/28/11 PARR Achieving the Best Installed Performance from High-Efficiency Residential Gas Furnaces
7/13/11 ARIES Hydronic Heating in Multifamily Buildings
3/29/11 IBACOS Transitioning Traditional HVAC Contractors to Whole House Performance
3/11/11 IBACOS Simplified Space Conditioning Systems for Energy Efficient Houses
11/16/10 BA-PIRC Delivering Better, Cheaper, and Faster Retrofits through Stakeholder-Focused Research
10/1-2/10 NREL Advanced Home Energy Management
4/26/10 BSC Diagnostic Measurement and Performance Feedback for Residential Space Conditioning System Equipment

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