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The United States is home to one of the largest and fastest growing wind markets in the world. To stay competitive in this sector, the Energy Department invests in wind projects, both on land and offshore, to advance technology innovations, create job opportunities and boost economic growth.

Moving forward, the U.S. wind industry remains a critical part of the Energy Department’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to cut carbon pollution, diversify our energy economy and bring the next-generation of American-made clean energy technologies to market.


How a Wind Turbine Works

Part of our How Energy Works series, a comprehensive look at how wind turbines work.

America's Wind Industry Reaches Record Highs
Our latest Infographic highlights key findings from the 2012 Wind Technologies Market Report. | Infographic by <a href="/node/379579">Sarah Gerrity</a>.

Sharing key findings from two new Energy Department reports that highlight the record growth of America's wind industry.

Pennsylvania State University Wins Big In Las Vegas: Energy Department Crowns Collegiate Wind Competition Champion
Pennsylvania State University was crowned the winner of the Energy Department's inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition. The team designed a small-scale wind turbine that can be easily deployed to provide power in emergency and/or remote power situations.

Announcing the winner of the Energy Department's first ever Collegiate Wind Competition.