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Budget & Performance

Our employees work diligently to prioritize and fund projects based on their risks and financial impacts.

Our employees work diligently to prioritize and fund projects based on their risks and financial impacts.

The Planning and Baseline Management Division integrates and coordinates planning and budget support for the Oak Ridge Office of EM. As stewards of taxpayer dollars, the division acts as an honest broker to reduce the life-cycle costs of projects and accelerate the cleanup of environmental legacies in a safe and compliant manner.

The division works very closely with the Department of Energy’s headquarters, local contractors, federal project directors, regulators and the Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board (SSAB) to plan, fund, and measure the performance of the Oak Ridge Office of EM. Planning future work requires balancing and prioritizing risks within available funding to perform cleanup across Oak Ridge’s three diverse cleanup sites.  Additionally, Oak Ridge’s Office of EM reaches out to the regulators and the SSAB as valued customers for their input on building budget requests.  

Finally, the division accepts input from local residents. Since the Oak Ridge Reservation contains the city of Oak Ridge and borders other nearby municipalities, we realize our operations impact thousands of citizens. We believe stakeholders have valuable insight and perspective, and in turn, we provide annual opportunities for public participation in the federal budget process.

Major Responsibilities

  • Execute Oak Ridge’s life cycle planning, baseline development, and configuration control.
  • Establish and implement project management systems to track and report contractor’s cost and schedule performance.
  • Formulate and submit budget requests to support the federal budget process.
  • Ensure Congressional appropriations are obligated to contracts and appropriately used to accomplish Oak Ridge’s EM mission.
  • Meet all external reporting requirements on local projects, including earned value data, performance measures, and milestones.  These are the major tools used to measure the progress of cleanup work and contractor performance.