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FIA-12-0009 - In the Matter of Cynthia Brown

Cynthia Brown filed an Appeal regarding a request she filed under the Freedom of Information Act.  In December 2011, Ms. Brown filed a request for records regarding her late mother.  In a December 2011 determination, the DOE’s Richland Operations Office (RO) in Richland, Washington, issued a determination in response to Ms. Brown’s request. In that determination, RO indicated that it located some documents responsive to Ms. Christopherson’s request and released those documents to her.  After receiving the December 2011 determination, Ms. Brown emailed RO and asked why certain medical records pertaining to her mother were not provided to her.  Based on Ms. Brown’s email, RO conducted a second search for records.  In a January 2012 determination, RO indicated that the additional search did not yield any records not previously provided to her.  Ms. Brown filed an appeal challenging the adequacy of RO’s search.  On appeal, OHA determined that, although RO’s search did not yield the specific records Ms. Brown sought, the search was reasonably calculated to reveal records responsive to request and, therefore, was adequate.  Accordingly, OHA denied Ms. Brown’s appeal.