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Public Comment Opportunities

Below are links to DOE NEPA projects with open comment periods, including comment periods on the proposed scope of planned NEPA documents and on draft NEPA documents (e.g., draft environmental assessments and draft environmental impacts statements).

  • Western Area Power Administration (Western) and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) are preparing a joint EIS/environmental impact report (EIR) –under, respectively, NEPA and the California Environmental Quality Act – that analyzes the potential environmental effects of the proposed new 500-kilovolt Colusa-Sutter (CoSu) Transmission Line Project. The proposed transmission line would interconnect the California-Oregon Transmission Project transmission system, near either Arbuckle or Maxwell, California, to the Central Valley Project transmission system near Yuba City, California. Western’s proposed action is to construct the CoSu Project and modify Western’s facilities to accommodate the new line; SMUD’s proposed action is to fund the proposal.

  • This EIS will evaluate the potential environmental impacts from DOE’s proposed Federal action of granting a Presidential permit to Northern Pass Transmission, LLC, to construct, operate, maintain, and connect a new electric transmission line across the U.S.-Canada border in northern New Hampshire. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region 1), the U.S. Forest Service, White Mountain National Forest, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, and the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning are cooperating agencies in the preparation of this EIS.

  • Bonneville Power Administration, in cooperation with the Bureau of Reclamation, is preparing an EA that evaluates the potential environmental impacts of a proposal to improve native fish habitat quality and quantity along a 4-mile section of the Entiat River and improve floodplain function by reconnecting the river with historic side channels and placing logs to direct river flow into side channels and onto the floodplain.

  • This environmental assessment (EA) will evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a DOE proposal to accept spent nuclear fuel from the Federal Republic of Germany at DOE’s Savannah River Site (SRS) for processing and disposition. This spent nuclear fuel is composed of kernels containing thorium and U.S.-origin highly enriched uranium (HEU) embedded in small graphite spheres that were irradiated in nuclear reactors used for research and development purposes.

  • Bonneville Power Administration is preparing an EA to evaluate potential environmental impacts of rebuilding its 41-mile long 115 kilovolt (kV) wood-pole Kalispell-Kerr transmission line between Kalispell and Polson, Montana. The proposed action is to replace wood-pole structures and other line components and improve access roads.