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Public Comment Opportunities

Below are links to information about how to comment on DOE NEPA projects with open comment periods, including comment periods on the proposed scope of planned NEPA documents and on draft NEPA documents (e.g., draft environmental assessments and draft environmental impacts statements). The end of each comment period is indicated below.

  • Draft EIS: Scoping Period Ends 12/04/15
    The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is preparing an EIS that analyzes the potential environmental impacts of constructing and operating a proposed hatchery for coho salmon. BPA’s proposed action is to fund the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation construction of a hatchery on 50 acres of land owned by the Yakama Nation in Kittitas County, Washington. Hatchery operations would include collection of adult coho for broodstock at the existing Roza and Sunnyside dams, incubation and rearing of up to 200,000 juvenile coho salmon, and release of smolts into the Yakima and Naches Rivers.

  • Draft EIS: Scoping Period Ends 12/04/15
    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), with DOE as a cooperating agency, is preparing an EIS to analyze the potential environmental impacts of a proposal to develop, construct, and operate facilities that would commercialize the natural gas resources on Alaska’s North Slope. The proposed Alaska LNG Project would include a gas treatment plant, more than 800 miles of natural gas pipeline, liquefaction and storage facilities, an LNG export (marine) terminal, and associated infrastructure and facilities. DOE, Office of Fossil Energy, has an obligation under Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act to authorize the export of natural gas, including LNG, unless it finds that the export is not consistent with the public interest.

  • Final EIS: Public Comment Period Ends 12/07/15
    DOE’s Western Area Power Administration is preparing this EIS to evaluate the environmental impacts of the proposed Southline Transmission Project, which would consist of a new 225-mile transmission line between existing substations at Afton, New Mexico, and Apache, Arizona, and improvements to approximately 130 miles of existing transmission lines between the Apache and Saguaro, Arizona substations.

  • Draft EIS and Supplement to the Draft EIS: Public Comment Periods End 1/4/16
    This EIS will evaluate the potential environmental impacts from DOE’s proposed Federal action of granting a Presidential permit to Northern Pass Transmission, LLC, to construct, operate, maintain, and connect a new electric transmission line across the U.S.-Canada border in northern New Hampshire. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region 1), the U.S. Forest Service, White Mountain National Forest, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, and the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning are cooperating agencies in the preparation of this EIS.

  • Proposed Floodplain Action: Public Comment Period Ends 11/20/15
    This Environmental Assessment evaluates an interim measure to control chromium plume migration and maintain the 50 parts-per-billion (ppb) and greater chromium contamination level with the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) boundary while long-term corrective action remedies are evaluated and implemented. Concentrations of chromium within the groundwater plume beneath Mortadad Canyon exceed the New Mexico groundwater standard of 50 ppb near the property boundary between LANL and the Pueblo de San Ildefonso and are as high as 1,000 ppb in the plume center.