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Fair Act Inventory

This page provides guidance for submission of the DOE FAIR Act Inventory, or otherwise known as the Inherently Governmental Commercial Activities (IGCA) Inventory.  This inventory will be used to respond to various reporting requirements including, but not limited to, the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998, Public Law 105-270 (FAIR Act) and the inventory of inherently governmental activities required by OMB.

OMB requires the submission of the IGCA Inventory in a specified electronic format.  As a result, an updated version of the collection tool used last year is provided along with this guidance.  This data collection tool is somewhat different than the tool used by OMB.  However, the data fields can be easily converted to the OMB tool and will be completed by OPAM. 

Instructions and training related to the use of the data collection tool is available in the Collection Tool Training section of this guidance. 

2012 Guidance