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Inspection of Environment, Safety, and Health Management at the Hanford Site, March 2002

The Secretary of Energy’s Office of Independent Oversight and Performance Assurance (OA) conducted an inspection of environment, safety, and health (ES&H) management at the Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site in January-February 2002.

Overall, RL and FHI have made significant improvements and established the framework for an effective ISM program. RL and FHI have provided leadership and devoted resources to ES&H programs and ISM, including innovative tools and aggressive efforts to address worker concerns.

Section 2 provides an overall discussion of the results of the review of the PFP ISM program, including positive aspects, findings, and other items requiring management attention. Section 3 provides OA’s conclusions regarding the overall effectiveness of the program. Section 4 presents the ratings assigned as a result of this review. Appendix A provides supplemental information, including team composition. Appendix B identifies the specific findings that require corrective actions and follow-up. The implementation of the guiding principles of safety management at PFP is discussed in Appendix C. Appendix D provides an evaluation of the RL and FHI feedback and continuous improvement programs. The application of the core functions of safety management to PFP work activities is discussed in Appendix E. The review of the functionality of a selected essential system is discussed in Appendix F. Appendix G discusses environmental protection program management at PFP.