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Voluntary Protection Program

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VPP Steering Committee - The Department of Energy Voluntary Protection Program (DOE-VPP) Federal Field Steering Committee is a group of Federal field office staff members from offices where at least one contractor organization is participating in the DOE-VPP. This Committee provides input and support to the Office of Worker Safety and Health Assistance.

General Information - A broad statement defining major aspects of DOE-VPP.

Program Procedures - The four volumes of DOE-VPP procedures describing the general structure and requirements of the overall program.

Voluntary Protection Program On-site Evaluations

Business Case for Safety - Articles, reports and other publications showing the business case and return on investment for safety and health programs.

Congress, The President, and VPP - Articles, reports and other publications showing support for VPP within the United States Congress and by the President.

Contact information for the primary contractor and Federal staff at DOE VPP sites.

VPP Outreach Program - Reference charts for the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants Association (VPPPA) staff and a link to the VPPPA listing of OSHA's VPP sites.

Participant Status - A chart showing DOE-VPP participant contractors by location/site; the date of the last review, current program status and next action date, the Assistant Secretarial Program Office having jurisdiction and the average employment.

Related Links - Links to VPP related information.

For further information on DOE-VPP, please contact Brad Davy.