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Facility Safety

In addition to establishing nuclear safety requirements related to safety management programs that are essential to the safety of DOE nuclear facilities, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Nuclear Facility Safety works proactively with headquarters and field offices to foster continuous improvement and nuclear safety excellence. In addition, the Office provides high quality, customer-oriented assistance that enables improved DOE program and field implementation of nuclear safety management programs and fire protection and natural phenomena hazard control requirements.

Nuclear facility program experts consult with line management in the implementation of requirements, guidance, and standards and provides guidance and interpretation on Departmental nuclear and facility safety policies, requirements, guidance and standards.. Facility Safety Programs establishes.


DOE O 420.1C, Facility Safety establishes facility and programmatic safety requirements for DOE and NNSA for nuclear safety design criteria, fire protection, and criticality safety.

DOE Federal Quality Council: DOE Directives

The Department uses two requirements documents to express identical sets of requirements for two distinct organizational groups. The first, Order 414.1C, applies to practically all DOE organizations and all contractors whose contract includes the Order. The second is a regulation, 10 CFR 830 (including 10 CFR 830 Subpart A), that applies to nuclear facility contractors indemnified under the Price Anderson Amendments Act and suppliers of items and services to those nuclear facilities.