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Standard Energy Efficiency Data Platform

The SEED Platform™ makes it easy to manage and share data on the energy performance of buildings.


The Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform™ is an open source software application that helps organizations easily manage data on the energy performance of large groups of buildings. Users can combine data from multiple sources, clean and validate it, and share the information with others. The software application provides an easy, flexible, and cost-effective method to improve the quality and availability of data to help demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, to implement programs, and to target investment activity.

The SEED Platform™ is designed to help organizations manage and share large datasets about building performance: state and local governments implementing building benchmarking regulations, building managers, energy efficiency program managers, and more. SEED can help public entities that are implementing benchmarking and disclosure laws, but the core functionality is highly flexible and can be useful for a range of other purposes.

SEED Collaborative

While there is significant interest in adopting a common software solution to help implement benchmarking and building performance tracking programs, many jurisdictions lack the resources needed for implementation. To help these state and local governments, DOE recently launced the SEED Collaborative--a three-year partnership with the regional and local governments that are first-movers working to radically reshape the data management landscape in the buildings sector. As part of the Collaborative, DOE will partner with a select group of cities, counties, and states to provide technical support and other services to complement their use of the SEED Platform.

Become a Partner

DOE is seeking SEED Collaborative Partners. Visit the SEED Collaborative webpage to learn more about this effort. Interested partners are asked to contact DOE by October 30, 2015. Partnership agreements must be executed by December 15, 2015. For more information on the partnership, please contact Elena Alschuler.