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Rulemakings and Notices

The Department of Energy (DOE) sets energy efficiency standards and test procedures for more than fifty residential, commercial, and industrial products. DOE is required to review these standards and test procedures periodically, and initiates a process to set new standards provided that improvements to energy efficiency are "technically feasible and economically justified."

Current Rulemakings

DOE maintains a summary table of current rulemakings and notices. Rulemaking pages provide information on recent updates, provide links to related documents, describe how to participate in meetings or submit comments, and provide statutory authority for the rulemaking.

Test Procedure Waivers

DOE considers petitions for waivers from product test procedures under certain circumstances, and maintains a summary list of test procedure waivers still in effect.

Recent Federal Register Notices

The Appliance and Equipment Standards Program provides a list of Recent Federal Register Notices published during the last six months. [Notices issued more than six months ago can be located through Current Rulemakings pages, Standards and Test Procedures product pages (for previous rulemakings) or the Current Test Procedures Waivers list. All links to notices are to the relevant docket in

How to Participate or Comment in Rulemakings

Manufacturers, industry, and the general public may participate or comment on proposed rulemakings. Stakeholders can participate in rulemakings by viewing notices and other documentation, submitting comments, and attending public meetings. DOE maintains a table of current public meetings and comment period close dates.

Regulatory Processes

The Appliance and Equipment Standards program manages the regulatory processes associated with developing and updating appliance and equipment product standards.

Appliance Standards and Rulemaking Federal Advisory Committee

The DOE has created the Appliance Standards and Rulemaking Federal Advisory Committee (ASRAC) in an effort to further improve the process of establishing energy efficiency standards for certain appliances and commercial equipment.