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Tools and Resources

Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partners have been working to develop energy efficiency markets in their communities for both residential and commercial buildings. In the process, they have learned a great deal about effective programming and have found the following tools and resources useful to help build their programs.

Case Studies

Learn how energy efficiency upgrade programs across the United States are using innovative financing mechanisms, high-demand promotions, tailored contractor training, and more to drive the number of building upgrades through a holistic, whole-home approach. Read the case studies.

Resource Directory

Numerous tools and resources are available online for both the commercial and residential energy efficiency sectors. For more information, visit our Resource Directory page.

Guidance Documents and Reports
    Program Evaluation
    Program Design
    Marketing and Driving Demand
    Financing and Incentives
    Workforce Development
    Partnering with Utilities
    Technical Resources

    For Homes
    For Commercial Buildings
    Emissions and Equivalency Calculators


DOE regularly hosts webcasts to assist program administrators in running energy efficiency programs. These webcasts highlight examples of successful programs and innovative approaches. View the upcoming schedule and presentations from past webcasts.


The Better Buildings Neighborhood Program periodically holds workshops as an opportunity to bring program partners together to share experiences and discuss what's working in energy efficiency upgrade programs.

Grant Administration Resources

Additional resources have been designed specifically for Better Buildings grant recipients, such as the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program Grant Recipient Management Handbook. Learn more about the resources designed for grants administration.