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Training on various systems/components that use energy is available to help manufacturing plants and buildings run more efficiently. Learn how to use powerful decision support software tools to help identify, analyze, and implement energy savings opportunities. Training is offered through online courses as well as in-person classroom-based events. Online training for steam systems, process heating, and mechanical insulation are available on the National Training & Education Resource; new users must create an account to access these trainings.  Presentations on various topics are also available. Visit the Events Calendar to see listings and sign up.

Training Topic Areas

The tools and training described in the links below help manufacturers track energy, identify areas for improvement, and establish an energy management system at the plant level.

*Applicable to commercial buildings as well as manufacturing facilities.

Professional Development

Enhance your career by developing skills in manufacturing energy efficiency. A variety of opportunities and certifications are available.

Hands-On Training for Students

Engineering students at select universities receive hands-on training at small and medium-sized manufacturing plants. Graduates are sought after for their skill in conducting energy, waste, and productivity assessments.

Qualified Specialists

Become a Qualified Specialist and train your staff or advise others. Qualified Specialists are industry professionals who have completed additional training in the use of DOE assessment and analysis software tools. Qualified Specialists in your area are available to help optimize process heating, steam, pumps, fan, and compressed air systems.

Certified Practitioners

Become certified in helping manufacturers apply requirements of the ISO 50001 energy management standard or verify conformance to the standard. These professionals are helping companies assure they are maximizing the benefits from the standard.

Energy Management

Successful energy management depends on a union between technology application and management principles. Technology alone cannot achieve optimal savings; when coupled with energy management, greater savings can be achieved.