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Advanced Computing Tech Team

Advanced Computing Tech Team

The Advanced Computing Tech Team is working with the DOE Energy Technology Offices, the Office of Science, and the National Nuclear Security Administration to deliver technologies that will be used to create new scientific insights into complex physical systems.  Advanced computing technologies have been used for decades to provide better understanding of the performance and reliability of the nuclear stockpile and for making new energy science discoveries.  The ACTT is focused on leveraging investments in computing technologies to assist energy innovators (both in DOE and industry) to create new energy technologies that will improve U.S. energy security.

The Advanced Computing Tech Team (ACTT) has been active since 2011. Over that time, the ACTT has been actively involved in opening up communications among the programs in DOE that are developing and using advanced computing technologies to gain better understandings of how complex physical energy systems work and to use those understandings to identify innovation opportunities. This interaction has contributed to a number of workshops on this topic that has allowed the DOE programs to actively engage outside stakeholders. 

Benefits of Advanced Computing for Energy Innovation

  • Renewable Energy:  Better ways to understand the operation of large wind and solar plants and how individual wind turbines and solar collectors interact with each other to optimize energy production.
  • Electrical Grid:  Understand and process the phenomenal amount of data that will be generated by the Smart Grid to improve operations and to improve the reliability and resiliency of the grid to recover from disruptions.
  • Clean Energy Manufacturing:  Advanced computing will be used to understand manufacturing processes to discover new methods to create products that will use less energy and will improve operations.
  • Nuclear Energy:  Provide an improved understanding of performance and safety issues to will allow power uprates to produce more energy from existing and new reactors.
  • Fossil Energy:  Optimize and scale carbon capture and storage technologies that will allow the U.S. to tap into these abundant forms of energy and use them in environmentally conscious ways.