Office of Technology Transitions

  • Office of Technology Transitions Issues First Call to Launch New Energy Technologies from National Laboratories to Market

    As part of a continued push to encourage energy innovation and commercialization, DOE's Office of Technology Transitions has issued their first solicitation for proposals that help bring cutting-edge energy technologies to market. The office’s Technology Commercialization Fund has been newly infused this year with $20 million from across the Department.

  • COP 21 Climate Summit’s Momentum Keeps Going at the 2016 Investor Summit

    One of the primary focus areas for the CEIC is to engage investors and innovators locally and nationally. Last week, we stayed true to that goal by attending the 2016 Investor Summit on Climate Risk – the first of many stops that are planned in the coming months. We share two key takeaways from this year’s Investor Summit.

  • Turning Ideas into Impact: The Energy Department’s Office of Technology Transitions

    Amazing things happen when scientists connect with innovators who connect with entrepreneurs. That’s why the Department of Energy recently created the Office of Technology Transitions. Our goal is to turn ideas into impact. And we do so by connecting scientists and engineers at the Department’s 17 National Laboratories with investors and entrepreneurs all across the country.

  • White House Announces "Mission Innovation"

    President Obama and French President Hollande, along with a wide range of other top global leaders, announced “Mission Innovation,” an initiative to dramatically accelerate public and private global clean energy innovation to address global climate change, provide affordable clean energy to consumers, including in the developing world, and create additional commercial opportunities in clean energy.

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