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Emerging Technologies

Last January, we took a look at how ARPA-E performer, 1366 Technologies is working to dramatically reduce the cost of solar energy. A year later, we revisited their headquarters in Lexington, MA to see the progress they've made.


Maine Project Takes Historic Step Forward in U.S. Tidal Energy Deployment
Cobscook Bay, Maine, is the site of a tidal energy pilot project led by Ocean Renewable Power Company. | Photo courtesy of Ocean Renewable Power Company.

A pilot project that will generate electricity from Maine’s ocean tides could be a game-changer for America’s tidal energy industry at-large.

Advanced Battery Manufacturing Making Strides in Oregon
EnerG2 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new battery materials plant in Albany, Oregon. Photo courtesy of the Vehicle Technologies Program

Recently, I visited Albany, Oregon, to celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony at the newest facility for the advanced materials company, EnerG2. The new facility will produce advanced carbon materials for electric drive vehicles batteries and ultracapacitors that can rapidly store and discharge energy.  

Lab Game-Changers in Our Past and Future
A researcher at the Joint Bioenergy Institute at Berkeley National Lab chooses bacteria colonies in their efforts to create a game-changing biofuel from sustainable, energy-dense plants, such as switchgrass. The JBEI is one example of the ability for Energy Department labs to form scientific partnerships designed to hurdle an energy barrier with transformative technology. | Photo courtesy of Berkeley National Lab.

The products of scientific research are how we define our modern life and the National Labs play an important role, as evidenced by these innovations.

Energy Innovation Hubs: Achieving Our Energy Goals with Science
Secretary Chu stops at Oak Ridge National Lab in February 2012 for a quick, nuclear-themed visit that included a tour of the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) and a stop at the new Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF).  | Photo courtesy of Oak Ridge National Lab

Energy Innovation Hubs are integrated research centers that combine basic and applied research with engineering to accelerate scientific discovery in critical energy issue areas.