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This map demonstrates the potential capacity to generate clean hydroelectric energy at existing non-powered dams across the U.S. Learn more.

America has vast wave, tidal and hydropower resources – but much of this energy remains untapped. The Energy Department is committed to driving critical research and development efforts to expand electricity generation from these clean energy resources.

This includes investments in existing hydropower facilities to equip them with the necessary infrastructure to produce electricity and leading marine and hydrokinetic technology advancements to generate energy from waves, currents, tides and ocean thermal resources.


Top 10 Things You Didn't Know about Hydropower

Test your energy knowledge by checking out these surprising facts about hydropower.

Energy Department Releases New Energy 101 Video on Ocean Power

New video explains how we can use ocean power to generate electricity.

Boosting America’s Hydropower Output
The Boulder Canyon Hydroelectric Facility's new, highly-efficient turbine. | Photo courtesy of the city of Boulder, Colorado.

Learn about the Energy Department's effort to help optimize the performance of hydropower facilities across the U.S.

All Eyes on Eastport: Tidal Energy Project Brings Change, Opportunity to Local Community
Captain Gerald "Gerry" Morrison, Vice President of Perry Marine & Consctruction. | Photo Courtesy of Ocean Renewable Power Company.

As progress on a Maine-based tidal energy project moves forward, local community member Gerald Morrison reflects on its impact.

Maine Project Takes Historic Step Forward in U.S. Tidal Energy Deployment
Cobscook Bay, Maine, is the site of a tidal energy pilot project led by Ocean Renewable Power Company. | Photo courtesy of Ocean Renewable Power Company.

A pilot project that will generate electricity from Maine’s ocean tides could be a game-changer for America’s tidal energy industry at-large.

Turbines Off NYC East River Will Provide Power to 9,500 Residents
Free Flow System turbine being installed in East River, New York, NY (Dec 2006). | Image Credit: Kris Unger/Verdant Power, Inc.

30 tidal turbines will be fully installed in the New York Harbor by 2015. They'll use the flow of the river and tides to deliver power to 9,500 New York homes.