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National Security & Safety

In the video above, three veterans discuss how the skills they learned in the service are helping them advance energy security and grow the clean energy economy. The veterans shared their experiences at a Champions of Change event at the White House. | Video by Matty Greene, Energy Department.

The Energy Department plays an important and multifaceted role in protecting national security. In addition to our work to increase nuclear nonproliferation and ensure the security of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, we manage the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, invest in protections against cyber and physical attacks on U.S. energy infrastructure, conduct programs to ensure worker health and safety, provide training tools and procedures for emergency response and preparedness, and fight the effects of climate change.


Increasing Energy Security
National Security & Safety

There is a lot of discussion lately about domestic energy production and American energy security. For the Obama Administration, moving towards the goal of energy independence has been a clear priority since day one.

Climate Change: Effects on Our Energy

A new report shows how a changing climate has impacted and may continue to affect our energy supplies and electricity infrastructure. Read highlights from the report and explore a map that shows how climate change has already made an impact.

An Update on the Hanford Site and Cleanup Progress
National Security & Safety

A new Framework underscores the Energy Department's commitment to cleaning up the legacy of Cold War plutonium production at the Hanford site in the state of Washington.

NNSA Meets with Japanese Scientists to Discuss On-Going Fukushima Work
Scientists from the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). | Photo from the Office of Public Affairs, NNSA

NNSA continues to collect data and prepare analyses concerning the state of readiness to respond to radiological emergencies.

Innovating to Meet the Evolving Cyber Challenge
National Security & Safety

Protecting the critical energy infrastructure that supports America's economy and security is vital -- and is a top Energy Department priority.