Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office

  • DOE Transfers Coal to Fuel Paducah Area Economic Development

    A front loader dumps coal into the first of more than 700 truckloads that are transporting excess coal from DOE’s Paducah Site to buyers. The Department recently completed transferring ownership of nearly 15,000 tons of excess coal to the Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization (PACRO) as part of an asset-sharing agreement supporting regional economic development efforts. The excess coal is a result of the site’s switching from old coal-powered boilers to five natural gas units to support site activities and heat offices during winter. Replacing the old units provides environmental benefits and future cost savings.

  • Removal of Process Gas Equipment Marks Portsmouth Site Cleanup Milestone

    Workers from Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth lower the last converter removed from the cell floor of Building X-326 at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. DOE recently met a significant milestone in the Portsmouth Site deactivation effort by removing the final component of process gas equipment (PGE) from the cell floor of the X-326.

  • DOE Hosts First Paducah Site Tours

    For the first time, EM is conducting guided public tours of its Paducah Site. Shown, participants stop for a picture in Paducah’s C-300 Central Control Facility during the recent inaugural community tour. Several tours are being conducted for the public to learn about the history of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant. All eight tours for 2016 filled up quickly.

  • Portsmouth Site Engineer Authors Safety Standard

    Richard Mayer, right, pictured with Portsmouth Site Director Dr. Vincent Adams, recently led a team that authored the American Standards and Testing Materials (ASTM) organization's Standard Guide for Non-Destructive Assay of Special Nuclear Material Holdup Using Passive Neutron Measurement Methods.

  • New Grants Fund Continued Research, Outreach for EM's Portsmouth, Paducah Sites

    The Department of Energy recently awarded grants to Ohio University (OU) and the University of Kentucky (UK) to develop publicly available information related to the cleanup of the Portsmouth and Paducah gaseous diffusion plant sites. Pictured, Dr. Steven Price, University of Kentucky Department of Agriculture/Forestry, presents habitat information to Marshall County High School advance placement ecological science students at the West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area lodge. The visit was part of a visit for the Annual Site Environmental Reports project under one of the DOE grants. (Photo courtesy of University of Kentucky)