Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management

  • EM removes radioactive components from former reactor at ORNL

    Surveillance and maintenance — a process to monitor and maintain safe conditions in facilities awaiting demolition — is not a subject that often grabs headlines. But it’s an important part of EM’s portfolio. In September 2014, employees conducting a routine inspection of the Oak Ridge Research Reactor discovered...

  • DOE appoints three new members to environmental advisory board

    DOE has appointed three new members to its Oak Ridge Environmental Management advisory board. Martha Deaderick, Mike Ford, and Dennis Wilson were introduced at the Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board’s September meeting.

  • Staying the Course

    As the lead contractor in cleanup and reindustrialization of ETTP, UCOR has demolished and disposed of dozens of structures. The process has generated an enormous volume of debris and waste that was placed in the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility, a secure onsite depository designed for safe, permanent storage. Within the next decade, the current waste disposal facility will...

  • DOE completes demolition of K-31 building

    Demolition of the K‐31 Building at Oak Ridge’s East Tennessee Technology Park was completed today, marking the removal of the fourth of five gaseous diffusion buildings at the former uranium enrichment site.

  • Finishing the job

    The Oak Ridge Office of EM has a simple mission. Since the late 1980s, we have made tremendous progress in removing legacies of contamination from past operations on the Oak Ridge Reservation. In five to seven years when we complete cleanup at the former K-25 plant...

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