Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management

  • Deputy Secretary visits Oak Ridge

    As Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall traveled across the Oak Ridge Reservation, she stopped at the East Tennessee Technology Park for a first-hand perspective of the environmental cleanup happening there.

  • Partnership between DOE programs leads to mutual success

    The NNSA and DOE's Oak Ridge Office of EM, along with their major contractors CNS and UCOR, recently collaborated to recycle excavated soil resulting in cost savings for two active projects.

  • Sue Cange named Oak Ridge cleanup manager

    DOE announced the selection of Sue Cange as the manager of the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (EM). Previously, Cange served as the acting manager of EM’s Oak Ridge Office since May 2014, and she has served as the deputy manager since March 2011.

  • Ambitious vision drives Oak Ridge’s progress

    In 2014, Oak Ridge’s EM program made significant advancements toward achieving its Vision 2016 by finishing the K-25 Building Demolition Project and beginning the K-31 Building Demolition Project. This vision involves removing all of the gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment facilities at ETTP, one of the most complex aspects of cleanup, by 2016.

  • DOE seeks candidates for environmental advisory board vacancies

    OREM is seeking volunteers to fill vacancies on the Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board. Applications are due by Dec. 31.