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Federal Authorities

DOE is the Sector Specific Agency (SSA) for Energy and within the Department ISER oversees all activities associated with the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and the Energy Sector Specific Plan (SSP). In doing so, ISER maintains a close partnership with the two Energy Sector Coordinating Councils (SCCs), the Electricity SCC and the Oil and Natural Gas SCC, and governmental partners through the Critical Infrastructure Protection Advisory Council (CIPAC). In addition to the Energy SSP, DOE and its security partners are required to submit an annual Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI/KR) report to DHS.

Under the newly implemented Presidential Policy Directive 8, DOE coordinates with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in preparing for and responding to energy emergencies. ISER has been authorized to carry out these duties for the Department. In preparation for emergencies, the division works with FEMA on proper response procedures and on informing FEMA of areas in which ISER and DOE can provide expertise and assistance. During a large-scale energy emergency, ISER staff will deploy to the affected region to assist in the recovery efforts.