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Presidential Permit Holders - Annual Reports

Presidential permit holders are responsible for reporting the gross amount electric energy which flows into and out of the United States over the permitted international transmission facility regardless if the energy is wheeled to or for another entity. For example, utility A receives a Presidential permit for a single international transmission line across the U.S.-Canadian border. During the calendar year just completed, 300,000,000 kilowatt-hours (kwh) are imported from Canada across this line. Utility A arranged for the purchase of 200,000,000 kwh for its own use and wheeled 100,000,000 kwh to neighboring utility B.

Utility A must report 300,000,000 kwh of imports over the international line, the cost of the 200,000,000 kwh it purchased, and the cost of the 100,000,000 kwh it wheeled to utility B. Holders of electricity export authorizations are required to report the gross amount of electric energy (in kwh) which they sold to a foreign entity, the total consideration received for the transaction(s), and the maximum rate of transmission in kilowatts. Generally, electricity export authorizations are issued to the last entity which held title to the electric energy within the United States.


Download form with instructions to report Annual and Quarterly International Electrical Import/Export data (PDF 13 KB)