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Electricity Advisory Committee - Reports and Memos

EAC Recommendations on the 2016 Storage Plan Assessment, and The Value of a VAr – Perspectives on Electric Grid Voltage Support report, September 2016

EAC Recommendations on National Distributed Energy Storage in the Electric Grid March 2016

EAC Recommendations on Grid Modernization: ARRA Accomplishments and Recommendations for Moving Forward, September 2015

DOE Response to 2015 EAC Work Products, September 2015

DOE Response to 2014 EAC Work Products, June 2015

EAC Recommendations on Smart Grid Research and Development Needs, March 2015

2014 Storage Plan Assessment Recommendations for the U.S. Department of Energy, September 2014

EAC Recommendations on Expanding and Modernizing the Electric Power Delivery System for the 21st Century, September 2014

EAC Recommendations Regarding Emerging and Alternative Regulatory Models and Modeling Tools to Assist in Analysis, September 2014

Status and EAC Recommendations for Electricity Delivery Workforce, September 2014

DOE Response to late 2013 EAC Work Products, June 2014

Recommendations on Implementing Effective Enterprise Security Governance, March 2014

Recommendations on the U.S. Electric Grid Resiliency, March 2014

Comments by the Energy Storage Association to the Department of Energy Electricity Advisory Council, March 13, 2014

A National Grid Energy Storage Strategy, December 2013

DOE Response to 2013 EAC Work Products, September 2013

Recommendations on Interconnection-Wide Planning, June 2013

Recommendations on the Race to the Top Initiative, June 2013

Recommendations on Consumer Acceptance of Smart Grid, June 2013

Recommendations on the CSG Interstate Transmission Siting Compact, June 2013

DOE Response to 2012 EAC Recommendations, February 2013

Recommendations on the Development of the Next Generation Grid Operating System, October 2012

Recommendations on Non-Wires Solutions, October 2012

Recommendations on Strategic Portable Generation Reserve, October 2012

Recommendations on the Electricity Workforce, October 2012

Recommendations on Next Steps for Smart Grid Outreach and Communications Strategy, October 2012

Recommendations on Energy Storage - 2012 Storage Report: Progress and Prospects, October 2012

DOE Response to 2011 EAC Recommendations, March 2012

Electric Vehicle Deployment: Policy Questions and Impacts to the U.S. Electric Grid, November 2011

Recommendations on U.S. Grid Security, October 2011

Interdependence of Electricity System Infrastructure and Natural Gas Infrastructure, October 2011

Estimating the Value of Electricity Storage Resources in Electricity Markets, October 2011

Update to the 2008 EAC Smart Grid Report, May 2011

Policy Questions on Energy Storage Technologies, April 8, 2011
Memo to Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Assistant Secretary for Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Patricia Hoffman 

Recommendations to Address Power Reliability Concerns, March 10, 2011
Memo to Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Assistant Secretary for Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Patricia Hoffman 

Energy Storage Activities in the United States Electricity Grid, May 2011  

Final Energy Storage Report, 2008  

Final Smart Grid Report, 2008 

Final Electricity Supply Adequacy Report, 2008