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August 9, 2011
Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman sees firsthand how new in-home monitors help consumers save money. <a href = "">Click here to see more photos</a> and learn how new smart grid technology can help you save. | Energy Department Image | Photo by Jen Stutsman
How the Smart Grid Helps Homeowners Reduce Their Energy Use

More than 70 percent of participants in CenterPoint Energy's pilot program said they reduced their energy use as a result of real-time information from in-home monitors. Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman saw firsthand how the technology is helping consumers save money. Check out photos and video.

July 26, 2011
Small business owner Steve Kaplan told ABC News’ “Show Me the Money” on Good Morning America that he's saving over $320 per month compared to last summer, which they calculated could result in $1,300 a year.
Smart Meters Helping Oklahoma Consumers Save Hundreds During Summer Heat

Smart meters -- just one of the advanced technologies being used to modernize the grid -- are helping Oklahoma businesses and home owners beat high electricity bills not only during these summer months, but year-round.

July 25, 2011
Utilities are delivering more reliable and affordable energy as a result of Recovery Act investment, and sharing lessons learned about new Smart Grid technologies. | Diagram from Energy Department's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
Modernizing the Grid: Keeping the Dialogue Going

A more reliable, efficient and cost-effective grid? Assistant Secretary Patricia Hoffman gives an update on Smart Grid efforts, from incorporating electric vehicle charging infrastructure to improved reliability customer service and the role of new technologies.

July 1, 2011
Houston resident Ruth Diorio explains to KPRC Local 2 News how much she's saved with her recently installed smart meter, which allows her to see her savings in real time.
Smart Meters Offer ‘Instant Gratification;’ Help Houston Homeowners Save

How can smart meters help you save on your electric bill? Homeowners in Houston see their savings in real time on Recovery-act funded smart meters.

June 13, 2011
A 21st Century Grid includes increasing the overall efficiency of our generating, transmission and distribution system to facilitate the growth of renewable energy sources. | Energy Department Image
Five Million Smart Meters Installed Nationwide is Just the Beginning of Smart Grid Progress

If Edison were transported in a time, he would be amazed by progress in lighting and sound recording, such as the LED light or the iPod. On the other hand, he would easily recognize much of the basic technology behind today’s power system.

May 20, 2011
A helicopter hoists platforms for linemen during the construction of this single-circuit 500-kilovolt tower – one of hundreds on the McNary-John Day line saving BPA big bucks. | Photo courtesy of Bonneville Power Administration
Building a Better Transmission Tower

Find out how new power lines may now require fewer towers per mile, reducing their environmental footprint and price, which in turn helps minimize costs for electric consumers.

May 5, 2011
First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary Chu Honor Employees for Public Service Recognition Week

First Lady Michelle Obama thanks employees in this video for Public Service Recognition Week.

April 15, 2011
Taking Smart Grid Technology Out of the Lab and Into the Marketplace

Find out how this partnership will take early stage technologies out of the lab and test them to see if they can revolutionize the way we use and store electricity.

April 6, 2011
Vids4Grids - Controls, Connectors & Surge Protectors

Modernizing our grid means exciting new devices in the power sector. Find out how new lighting controls, connectors and surge protection will bring out electric grid to the next level.

April 1, 2011
A screengrab of a Bonneville Power Administration chart of output of all wind, thermal and hydro generation. | Courtesy of BPA
Geek-Up[04.01.2011]: Charting Wind, Thermal, Hydro Generation

Check out Bonneville Power Administration’s new near real-time energy monitoring – it displays the output of all wind, thermal and hydro generation in the agency’s balancing authority against its load. Updated every five minutes, it’s a great resource for universities, research laboratories and other utilities.