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New Reports and Other Materials

Recently released reports, presentations, and other materials are available for download:

  • DC Microgrids Scoping Study: Estimate of Technical and Economic Benefits (March 2015)
    Providing a preliminary examination of the benefits and drawbacks of potential DC microgrid applications relative to their AC counterparts and offering recommendations for potential future research and deployment activities.
  • Voices of Experience: Advanced Distribution Management Systems (February 2015)
    Presenting results of a one-day meeting held at CenterPoint Energy in Houston, Texas, in May 2014, and a series of conference calls about specific aspects of ADMS, interviews with individuals leading ADMS projects at their utilities, and a final small group meeting at San Diego Gas & Electric in California in October 2014.
  • Interoperability of Demand Response Resources Demonstration in NY (February 2015)
    Presenting the results of a DOE Smart Grid Demonstration Project (SGDP) grant, funded by the Recovery Act, to Con Edison to develop and demonstrate methodologies to enhance the ability of customer sited demand response resources, both conventional and renewable, to integrate more effectively with electric delivery companies.
  • Lakeland SGIG Electric Consumer Behavior Study Interim (Year 1) Evaluation Report (February 2015)
    Summarizing results from the first year of the Lakeland Electric’s two-year 3-Period Time of Use (TOU) program called “Shift-to-Save” (STS), part of a full system-wide deployment of advanced metering infrastructure funded in part by a grant from the Department of Energy’s Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) Program.
  • Energy Sector Cybersecurity Framework Implementation Guidance (January 2015)
    Providing guidance to help the energy sector establish or align existing cybersecurity risk management programs to meet the objectives of the Cybersecurity Framework released by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) in February 2014.
  • The Smart Grid Experience: Applying Results, Reaching Beyond - Summary of Conference Proceedings (December 2014)
    Summarizing the information presented during a conference held in October 2014 by EPRI and DOE to assess progress, impacts, benefits, and lessons learned from utility smart grid projects, and the key points raised during the group discussions that followed the presentation sessions.
  • Energy Storage Safety Strategic Plan (December 2014)
    Providing a roadmap for grid energy storage safety that addresses the range of grid-scale, utility, community, and residential energy storage technologies being deployed across the Nation.
  • Evaluating Electric Vehicle Charging Impacts and Customer Charging Behaviors: Experiences from Six Smart Grid Investment Grant Projects (December 2014)
    Providing results of six SGIG projects to help individual utilities determine how long existing electric distribution infrastructure will remain sufficient to accommodate demand growth from electric vehicles, when and what type of capacity upgrades or additions may be needed, When consumers want to recharge vehicles, and to what extent pricing and incentives can encourage consumers to charge during off-peak periods.
  • The Future of the Grid: Evolving to Meet America’s Needs (December 2014)
    Capturing the vision of the future electric grid and the associated potential changes in the utility business and regulatory models, as articulated by regional workshop and National Summit participants.