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Public Comments in Response to the November 10, 2011 Federal Register Notice

The Department issued a Federal Register Notice initiating preparations for development of the current National Electric Transmission Congestion Study. DOE requested comments on what publicly-available data and information should be considered, and what types of analysis should be performed to identify and understand the significance and character of transmission congestion. 

The following public comments were received as of March 30, 2012. DOE appreciates the comments that various individuals and organizations submitted.

Comments were received from these organizations, listed alphabetically. Individual comments are available for download below.

- American Clean Skies Foundation
- American Wind Energy Association
- AtlanticGrid Development
- Citizens Against the Kemptown Electric Substation
- Clean Line Energy
- Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. and Orange and Rockland Utilities
- Desert Conservation Program
- Iowa Utilities Board
- Kansas Corporation Commission
- Maryland Department of Natural Resources
- Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
- Michigan Public Service Commission
- Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
- National Audubon Society
- Natural Resources Defense Council
- New England States Committee on Electricity
- North Dakota Transmission Authority
- Northeast Power Coordinating Council
- Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
- Piedmont Environmental Council
- Public Service Commission of New York
- Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
- Public Service Electric and Gas (PSEG) Services Corporation
- Public Utility Commission of Texas
- San Diego Gas and Electric Company
- Solar Energy Industries Association
- Southern Company Services
- Sugarloaf Conservancy
- Transmission Access Policy Study Group
- Vermont Public Service Board
- Wyoming Infrastructure Authority