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Public Comments on the Request for Information on Rapid Response Teams for Transmission (April 2012)

On February 27, 2012, the Department issued a Federal Register Notice seeking information on questions related to permitting of transmission lines. Infrastructure projects — such as high voltage, long distance, electric transmission facilities — often involve multiple Federal, State, local and Tribal authorizations and are subject to a wide array of processes and procedural requirements in order to obtain all necessary permits and other authorizations. Delays in securing required statutory reviews, permits, and consultations can threaten the completion projects of national and regional significance.

The Request for Information focused on making the development times for generation and transmission to be more commensurate with one another.

Comments were received from these organizations, listed alphabetically. Individual comments are available for download below.

- Allegheny Highlands Alliance
- American Electric Power
- American Wind Energy Association
- Basin Electric Power Cooperative
- California Energy Commission
- Clean Line Energy
- Edison Electric Institute
- Idaho Power Company
- ISO New England
- Large-scale Solar Association
- Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
- Louis Berger Group
- Montana Department of Commerce
- Pacific Gas and Electric Company
- PacifiCorps
- Portland General Electric
- PPL Electric and Public Service Electric and Gas
- Public Service Electric and Gas
- Ridgeline Energy
- San Diego Gas and Electric
- Section Thirty Seven Consultants
- Southern California Edison
- SunZia Southwest Transmission Project
- Transmission Access Policy Study Group
- Transmission Developers, Inc.
- Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
- TransWest Express
- Western Energy Supply & Transmission Associates (WEST)
- Western Governors' Association
- Various conservation organizations (single response): Defenders of Wildlife, The Wilderness Society, Idaho Conservation League, Nevada Wilderness Project, National Audobon Society, Sonoran Institute, Natural Resources Defense Council, Western Resource Advocates