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Energy Storage System Safety Reports - August 2014 and September 2014

Energy storage for stationary applications is one of the fastest growing areas in the utility field. As the technology expands, the need for safety and uniformity in standards also increases.

As part of the OE Energy Storage Program Safety Initiative, OE has released two reports prepared by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The first report – “Overview of Development and Deployment of Codes, Standards and Regulations Affecting Energy Storage System Safety in the United States” – provides an introduction to the development and deployment of codes standards and regulations as they affect energy storage safety and serves as a tutorial for the storage user or provider. The second report – “Inventory of Safety-Related Codes and Standards for Energy Storage Systems” – offers a compilation of all currently applicable codes. In addition, twelve lessons learned from developers who have completed storage deployment activities and complied with applicable codes are provided. 

Both reports are available below for downloading.