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Guidance & Requirements

The Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance provides guidance and requirement documents to the NEPA community to ensure that the Department’s proposed actions comply with the letter and spirit of the National Environmental Policy Act, and to assist the interested public in reviewing NEPA documents. 


Guidance documents from the Council on Environmental Quality, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal agencies applicable to NEPA proposed actions.


A collection of statutes, Council on Environmental Quality regulations, Department of Energy regulations, and Executive Orders applicable to NEPA proposed actions.

Lessons Learned Quarterly Report

A collection of guidance, case studies, analyses, references, litigation updates, and resource information broadly relevant to NEPA implementation, such as guidance on public participation and interagency coordination procedures.

NEPA Guidance and Requirements - Search Index

The DOE NEPA Guidance and Requirements - Search Index, is a one-stop solution providing you with DOE's Guidance and Requirements documents combined into one file for easy download and use.