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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, June 1995

January 1 and March 31, 1995. It is based primarily on responses to the revised questionnaire that was provided for use during January 1995, and includes information on direct and indirect NEPA process costs and on total project costs. The report also includes a feature story that compares the techniques used to analyze environmental justice in the preparation of three environmental impact statements (EISs): the Savannah River Waste Management Draft EIS, the Programmatic Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Programs EIS, and the Draft EIS on a Proposed Nuclear Weapons Nonproliferation Policy Concerning Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel.

Articles included in this issue:

  • NEPA Document Preparation Times
  • NEPA Cost Data
  • NEPA Document Content
  • The Document Preparation Process
  • Effectiveness of the NEPA Process
  • NEPA Lessons Learned Quarterly Report - 2nd Quarter FY 1995 
  • Procedures for EIS Distribution and Federal Register Notices
  • Update on the DOE NEPA Web 
  • Analyzing Environmental Justice in NEPA Document