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EIS-0456: Final Environmental Impact Statement

Cushman Hydroelectric Project (FERC  Project No. 460)

DOE is proposing to provide cost-shared, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funding for a project proposed by the City of Tacoma, Department of Public Utilities, Light Division. DOE funds would support improvements to the existing 131 megawatt (MW) Cushman Hydroelectric Project, namely the design and construction of a new North Fork Skokomish Powerhouse (Powerhouse) and associated infrastructure, which would include an integral fish collection facility for fish handling and sorting, and equipment for electrical interconnection. The Powerhouse would produce about 23,500 MW hours of energy. The associated fish transport system would allow anadromous (river spawning) fish that are swimming upstream and smolts swimming downstream to be trapped using a safe, passive-capture system, sorted, and transported past the dam.