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EIS-0394: Final Environmental Impact Statement

FutureGen Project

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the potential environmental impacts of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) proposal to provide federal funding to the FutureGen Alliance, Inc. (Alliance) for the FutureGen Project. In a March 2004 Report to Congress, DOE estimated the cost of the project at $950 million in constant 2004 dollars shared at a 74/26 ratio by DOE and the Alliance. Accounting for escalation, based on representative industry indices, the project is currently estimated to cost $1.757 billion in as-spent dollars. The cost estimate will be updated as work progresses. The Final EIS provides an evaluation of the environmental consequences that may result from the Proposed Action at each of the four candidate sites, including potential impacts on air quality; climate and meteorology; geology; physiography and soils; groundwater; surface water; wetlands and floodplains; biological resources; cultural resources; land use; aesthetics; transportation and traffic; noise and vibration; utility systems; materials and waste management; human health, safety, and accidents; community services; socioeconomics; and environmental justice. The Final EIS also provides an analysis of the No-Action Alternative, under which DOE would not provide financial assistance to the FutureGen Project.