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EIS-0336: Final Environmental Impact Statement

Tucson Electric Power Company Sahuarita-Nogales Transmission Line

A DOE Presidential Permit is required before anyone can construct, connect, operate, and maintain an electric transmission line across the U.S. border. On August 17, 2000, TEP applied to DOE/FE for a Presidential Permit to construct a double-circuit 345,000 volt (345-kV) electric transmission line to transmit 500 MW of electricity. The transmission line would begin south of Tucson, Arizona, in the vicinity of Sahuarita, cross the U.S.-Mexico border near Nogales, Arizona, and continue into Mexico. TEP anticipates using 400 MW of capability for transport of energy between the United States and Mexico. The proposed transmission line would also provide a redundant path for the energy that is currently transmitted over an existing 115-kV transmission line from Tucson to Nogales. The local Nogales utility, Citizens Communications, has committed to the purchase of 100 MW of transmission capacity to allow for future load growth. The Final EIS will be used by DOE and the Federal agency officials to ensure that they have the information needed for informed decision- making. The decisions themselves will be issued subsequent to the Final EIS, in the form of a Record of Decision for each agency, or as a letter of concurrence.