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EA-1944: Final Environmental Assessment

Ormat Technologies Brady Hot Springs Project, Churchill County, NV

Ormat Technologies, Inc. (Ormat) proposes to use DOE and cost share funding to study the Brady Hot Springs geothermal Field 15-12RD well.  This is an enhanced geothermal system Demonstration project divided into three phases. During Phase 1, Ormat characterized the target well to prepare for stimulation activities in Phase 2.  Phase 2 involves well stimulation and collection/analysis of stimulation monitoring data.  Phase 3 involves long-term testing of the system.  Phase 2 and 3 activities would occur at Ormat's Brady Hot Springs geothermal field in Churchill County, NV on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Bureau of Reclamation (BOR).  Since Phases 2 and 3 have the potential to impact subsurface resources, DOE must analyze the impacts associated with Phases 2 and 3.

The BLM was the lead agency for completion of the EA with BOR and DOE as cooperating agencies.