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EA-1869: Final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact

General Motors LLC, Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative White Marsh, Maryland (September 2011)

DOE prepared this Supplemental EA to evaluate the potential environmental consequences of providing financial assistance in a cooperative agreement with General Motors Limited Liability Company (LLC) (General Motors Company or GM).  A supplement to the April 2010 EA was necessary due to the proposed building size increasing three fold as well as the addition of a parking lot and widening of a truck dock area.  This building size increase is necessary to accommodate more manufacturing equipment and provide office space.  If GM received the funding, they would construct a high-volume U.S. manufacturing facility to produce the first U.S.-manufactured electric motor components and assemble electric drive units for hybrid and electric vehicles.  This funding would be used for constructing a building of approximately 104,000 square feet, paving an approximately 120,000 square foot parking lot, twenty-foot wide fire road representing approximately 8,000 square feet of pavement or gravel, and widening a truck dock as well as various other supporting infrastructure.