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EA‐1755: Final Environmental Assessment

Reconstruction of the South Access Road (CR 802) in Support of the Department of Energy, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Eddy County, New Mexico

The DOE CBFO, is requesting a right-of-way (ROW) that consists of reconstructing the existing south access road (SAR) - currently maintained by the County as CR 802 - and widening the driving prism and ROW width to accommodate WIPP haulage trucks, and improve the overall quality of the current road condition. In addition, a construction lay down yard is being proposed, to be converted into a rallying point upon completion of the road construction. The proposed action is sought to fill the need of having a second route to the WIPP for waste haulage activities via a southerly route. This would provide an alternate route for access to the WIPP site, and a rallying point for a contingency plan in the event of an evacuation of the facility in case of an emergency. An additional need is to improve the quality of the current road condition for safer travel.