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Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies

Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies

The Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies (NEET) Program will develop crosscutting technologies that directly support and complement the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy’s (DOE-NE) advanced reactor and fuel cycle concepts, focusing on innovative research that offers the promise of dramatically improved performance.

NEET will coordinate research efforts on common issues and challenges that confront the DOE-NE R&D programs (Light Water Reactor Sustainability [LWRS], Next Generation Nuclear Plant [NGNP], Advanced Reactor Technologies [ART], and Small Modular Reactors [SMR]) to advance technology development and deployment. The activities undertaken in the NEET program will complement those within the other DOE-NE R&D programs and avoid any duplication of effort.

Program Elements

The NEET Program consists of three elements:

1) Crosscutting Technology Development, which is broken into five subprograms:

2) Energy Innovation Hub for Modeling and Simulation

3) Nuclear Science User Facilities


Through the NEET program, DOE is awarding over $9 million to support 13 nuclear energy research and development projects. These awards will address key challenges affecting nuclear reactor and fuel cycle development with a focus on cross-cutting reactor materials, advanced methods for manufacturing, and new instrumentation and sensor technologies. A list of awards is available here.

Since 2012, the Department has awarded approximately $19 million to support universities, national laboratories and industry-led research to 25 institutions in 14 states and the District of Columbia.