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Sustainability Awards

Significant sustainability achievements at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities are recognized in several ways. DOE recognizes exemplary performance by sites and individuals through DOE's annual Sustainability Awards. DOE's Federal and contractor staff are also eligible for recognition through several government-wide programs. For information about these awards programs, see the descriptions below.

DOE Sustainability Awards

The Sustainability Performance Office sponsors the DOE Sustainability Awards to recognize outstanding sustainability contributions of individuals and teams at DOE facilities across the country. DOE Sustainability Awards celebrate excellence in energy, water, and vehicle fleet management, as well as achievements in projects representing exemplary sustainability practices.

Read about the award recipients:

Federal Sustainability Awards

The Sustainability Performance Office also recognizes other Federal sustainability award opportunities. These include:

Federal Energy and Water Management Awards

The Federal Energy Management Program, in conjunction with the Federal Interagency Energy Policy Committee, sponsors the Federal Energy and Water Management Awards, which honor individuals and organizations making significant contributions to energy and water efficiency across the Federal Government.

The awards recognize outstanding achievements in:

  • Energy and water efficiency and conservation
  • Renewable energy implementation
  • Sustainable practices for high-performance buildings
  • Fleet and transportation management.
GreenGov Presidential Awards

The GreenGov Presidential Awards celebrate extraordinary achievement in the pursuit of President Obama's Executive Order on federal sustainability. They honor federal civilian and military personnel, agency teams, agency projects and facilities, and agency programs that exemplify President Obama's charge to lead by example towards a clean energy economy.

Federal Green Challenge

The Federal Green Challenge, a national effort under the EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program, challenges EPA and other federal agencies throughout the country to lead by example in reducing the federal government's environmental impact in the areas of waste, electronics, purchasing, energy, water, and transportation.

Federal Electronics Challenge

The Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) was a partnership program that encouraged Federal facilities and agencies to:

  • Purchase greener electronics
  • Reduce impacts of electronics during use
  • Manage used electronics in an environmentally safe way.

While the FEC no longer recognizes achievements through a formal awards program, the FEC provides technical information through webinars and resources on its website. The Federal Electronics Challenge is managed by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of Federal Environmental Executive.


For more information about DOE and Federal sustainability awards, contact the Sustainability Performance Office at 202-586-8645.