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Policy Flashes FY 2012

Archive of Policy Flashes issued in FY 2012.

Number Topic
2012-70 Department of Energy Federal Acquisition Regulation Clause Usage Guide
2012-69 DEAR Contract Clause Matrix
2012-68 Political Activity
2012-67 Acquisition Savings Reporting Guidance
2012-66 Attachment to Policy Flash on New Procedures for Submitting Clause or Template Changes
2012-65 Federal Acquisition Circular 61
2012-64 Contract Clause Matrix
2012-63 Update Department of Energy Acquisition Guide Chapter 22.1 Labor Standards
2012-62 Class Deviation DEAR 950.7006/AL 2012-10, Implementation of the Price-Anderson Act of 2005
2012-61 DOE COR Toolkit Recission
2012-60 Acquisition Guide Chapter 13.1, Purchase Card Policy and Operating Procedures
2012-59 Section 311 Revised Template August 2012
2012-58 Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-60
2012-57 Communication to All Department of Energy Contractors
2012-56 Acquisition Guide Chapter 16.2, Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plans for Non-Management and Operating Contracts
2012-55 Requisitions in STRIPES
2012-54 Acquisition Guide Chapter 71.1, Headquarters Business  Clearance Process
2012-53 Accelerating Payment to Small Business Subcontractors
2012-52 The Deputy Secretary's Memorandum on Reporting Conference Related Activities and Spending
2012-51 Acquisition Letter - Guidance for Fast-Track Cooperative Research and Development Agreemtn (CRADA) Programs at DOE
2012-50 Audit Guide for For-Profit Recipients
2012-49 Acquisition Guide Chapter 17.1- Interagency Acquisitions, Interagency Transactions, and Interagency Agreements- Minor Revision
2012-48 Interim Reporting for ADvanced Notifications of Awards (ANA)
2012-47 Delay of Rollout of the System for Award Management (SAM) by the General Services Administration (GSA)
2012-46 Revised DOE Acquisition Guide Chapter 7.1
2012-45 Rollout of the System for Award Management (SAM) by the General Services Administration (GSA)
2012-44 Congressional Notifications- Acquisition Guide Chapter 5.1 and Guide to Financial Assistance Chapter 2 Section 2.6.1
2012-43 Acquisition Planning: Revised DOE Acquisition Guide Chapter 7.1
2012-42 Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-59
2012-41 OFPP Myth-Busting Memo
2012-40 Class Deviation – FAR 52.209-5, Certifications Regarding Responsibility Matters
2012-39 Department of Energy (DOE) Audit Guidance for For-Profit Recipients
2012-38 Acquisition Guide 42.2 Foreign Travel Approval
2012-37 Acquisition Guide Chapter 4.6 - Assigning Identifying Numbers Outside of the Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System (STRIPES)
2012-36 Implementation of Division B, Title III, Title V and division C Title VII, Consolidated Appropriations Act,2012 Pub. L. No 112-74 and Related Conference Report
2012-35 Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-58
2012-34 Waiver of Mandatory Use of the Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System (STRIPES) for GSA Global Supply Service Transactions
2012-33 DOE O 580.1A, DOE Personal Property Management Program
2012-32 Acquisition Guide Chapter 17.1 - Interagency Acquisitions
2012-31 DOE O 551.1D Official Foreign Travel
2012-30 Acquisition Guide Chapter 9.4 - Contractor Responsibility Determinations
2012-29 Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-56 and 57
2012-28 DOE Federal Acquisition Regulation Clause Usage Guide
2021-27 Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-56
2012-26 Release of Department of Energy Award Fee and Incentive Fee Reports
2012-25 Acquisition Career Management Program Handbook, Partial Revision of Chapter 11, Contracting Officer’s Representative
2012-24 Revised Acquisition Guide Chapter 42.5, Contract Management Planning
2012-23 Special Contracting Methods and Part 35 Research and Development Contracting
2012-22 Congressional Notification of Pending Award of a Contract Action
2012-21 Class Deviation Trade Agreements
2012-20 Acquisition Guide Chapter 3.3 - Compliance with U.S. Export Control Laws, Regulations, and Policies
2012-19 Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2005-55
2012-18 FAR and DEAR Clause Matrices
2012-17 Acquisition Letter on the Implications of Time-Limited Funds
2012-16 Withdrawn
2012-15 Reissuance of Acquisition Letter on Meal Costs in Management and Operation Contracts
2012-14 Accelerating Payment to Small Businesses for Goods and Services
2012-13 Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-54
2012-12 DOE Vendor Communication Plan
2012-11 Standardized Cost Savings Definitions and Reporting Template
2012-10 Acquisition Letter on Allowability of Incurred Costs Due to Contractor Errors
2012-9 FAR and DEAR Clause Matrices
2012-8 Consent to Subcontracts under Management and Operating (M&O) Contracts
2012-7 Sustainable Acquisition Developments
2012-6 Business Case Analysis Requirements for Certain Interagency and Agency-Specific Acquisitions
2012-5 Reissuance of Acquisition Letter on Home Office Expenses for Management and Operation Contracts
2012-4 Labor Standards for DOE Management and Operating Contracts
2012-3 Congressional Notification of Pending Contract or Financial Assistance Actions in excess of $1 Million under the Continuing Resolution
2012-2 Acquisition Guide Chapter 32.1 - Reviewing and Approving Contract Invoices
2012-1 Acquisition Letters Remaining In Effect