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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Categorically Excluded Actions

Categorical Exclusions (CX) – Categorical exclusions are categories of actions that DOE has determined, by regulation, do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment and for which neither an environmental assessment nor an environmental impact statement is typically required. Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1021, National Environmental Policy Act Implementing Procedures, Appendices A and B to Subpart D, list DOE's categorical exclusions. Appendix A classes of actions are those actions considered to be general agency actions, such as awarding a contract or hiring personnel. Appendix B classes of actions include actions such as property transfers, erosion control, sampling and characterization of water, soil, rock, or contaminants, or, drilling wells for sampling or monitoring of groundwater. The table below provides a list (with links) of recent CX Appendix B determinations.

List of Recent Categorically Excluded Actions

NEPA ID Number Short Title Date Signed Determination(s)
LM 25-16 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operations at the Grand Junction, Colorado, Disposal Site 10/31/2016 B3.1 and B3.2
LM 22-16 Plowshare Program Site Visits in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming 09/12/2016 A9 and B3.2
LM 21-16 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operations at the Moab, Utah, Disposal Site 09/12/2016 B3.1 and B3.2
LM 19-16 Renewal of Lease for Westminster, Colorado, Office Space 08/15/2016 B1.3 and B1.24
LM 18-16 Renewal of Lease for Fernald, Ohio, Office Space 08/15/2016 B1.3 and B1:24
LM 15-16 Conduct Fence Installation and Road Repair at the L-Bar, New Mexico, Disposal Site 07/19/2016 B1.3
LM 13-16 Conduct Verification and Validation Activity on Defense-Related Uranium Mine Sites on U.S. Bureau of Land Management Property 09/12/2016 B3.1
LM 10-16 Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations at the Shiprock, New Mexico, Disposal Site 07/13/2016 B1.3 and B3.2
LM 08-16 Well Abandonment and Equipment Transfer at the Pinellas County, Florida, Site 06/16/2016 B1.24, B1.30, B1.31  and B3.1
LM 07-16 Conduct Interim Treatment and Environmental Monitoring at the Tuba City, Arizona, Disposal Site 06/16/2016 B1.26 and B3.1
LM 05-16 Air Stripper Removal and Disposal at the Pinellas County, Florida, Site. 04/19/2016 B1.24
LM 04-16 Conduct Pedogenesis Study at the Falls City, Texas, Disposal Site 04/22/2016 B3.1
LM 03-16 Conduct Pedogenesis Study at the Blue Water, New Mexico, Disposal Site 06/16/2016 B3.1
LM 01-16 Evaporation Pond Removal and Verification and Associated Road Maintenance, Durango, Colorado, Disposal Site. 05/09/2016 B1.3 and B6.1
LM 32-15 Install Four New Groundwater Monitoring Wells at the Shiprock, New Mexico, Disposal Site 03/28/2016 B3.1
LM 21-15 Lease of the Cabin Portion of Building 12, Grand Junction, Colorado, Site 09/14/2015 B1.24 and B1.25
LM 18-15 Groundwater Monitoring and Associated Actions at the Green River, Utah, Disposal Site. 10/23/2015 B1.24, B1.3 and B3.1
LM 17-15 Field Studies to include installing groundwater monitoring wells, obtaining groundwater and sediment samples, land surveys, measuring surface water discharge, and conducting miscellaneous field activities near the former Riverton, Wyoming, Processing Site 08/17/2015 B3.1
LM 16-15 Remove and reuse/recycle sulfuric acid from an onsite tank at the Tuba City, AZ disposal site. 09/24/2015 B1.28
LM 07-15 Operations, Maintenance, Repairs, Modifications, and Ongoing CERCLA Remedy-Related Actions and Site Facility Support Activities for the Monticello, Utah, Sites 03/31/2015 B1.3; B1.11; B1.24; B1.26; B1.33; B2.5; B3.1; B6.1
LM 06-15 Obtain subsurface soil samples from five locations on the San Juan River floodplain near Shiprock, New Mexico, Disposal Site. 03/26/2015 B3.1
LM 03-15 Maintenance and Related Activities at the Burris Park, California, Site 03/11/2015 B1.3, B1.11, B1.24, B3.1, B6.1
LM 28-14 Aerial Photography and Topographic Mapping of the Weldon Spring, Missouri, Site 12/23/2014 B3.2
LM 22-14 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center-Science Focus Area (SLAC-SFA) Geoprobe Sampling Near the Naturita, Colorado, Title I Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act Processing Site 10/14/2014 B3.1
LM 21-14 Onsite and Offsite Bioremediation Injections and Related Activities at the Pinellas County, Florida, Site 10/14/2014 B3.1, B6.1, B6.2
LM 14-14 Installation and Redevelopment of Groundwater Monitoring Wells at the Salmon, Mississippi, Site 08/26/2014 B3.1(c)
LM 13-14 Aerial photography and mapping of the Gunnison, Colorado, Processing Site 09/09/2014 B3.2
LM 07-14 Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Pilot Study and Potential Full-Scale Sub-Slab Depressurization System Design/Build for Building 100 at the Pinellas County, Florida, Site in Largo, Florida 07/10/2014 B3.1, B6.1 and B6.2
LM 06-14 Install three groundwater monitoring wells at the Shoal, Nevada, Site 07/02/2014 B3.1(c)
LM 05-14 Storm Shelter Installation and Related Activities at the Weldon Spring, Missouri, Site 06/11/2014 B1.15 and B3.1
LM 04-14 Abandon five test holes and remove contaminated soils from the associated well pads at the Chariot, Alaska, Site 05/15/2014 B3.1 and B6.1
LM 01-14 Determination of Excess Real Property 05/01/2014 B1.36

LM NEPA determination tracking numbers on this webpage (above) are identified as LM document number-year (LM 00-00). LM NEPA determination forms posted through the link to the DOE website (below) use a different tracking number such as CX-009399.

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