Office of Legacy Management


LM has issued the Notice of LEHR CERCLA Five-Year Review.

Guidance for Developing and Implementing Institutional Controls for Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance at DOE Legacy Management Sites (January 2015) has been issued.

LM has completed its third Annual Post Competition Accountability Report. All reports are available here.

The Secretary of Energy has signed and delivered the Defense-Related Uranium Mines Report to Congress. DOE consulted with EPA and DOI as well as other federal agencies, affected states and tribes, and the public to develop this report. Thank you to all who contributed.

DOE has launched a website for the Asset Revitalization Initiative (ARI), a DOE-wide effort to advance the beneficial reuse of its unique and diverse mix of assets, including land, facilities, infrastructure, equipment, technologies, natural resources and a highly skilled workforce.

LM announces release of its updated and upgraded Geospatial Environmental Mapping System for public use and comment.

DOE LTS Resource Center
Closure for the Seventh Generation Report – a Report from the Stewardship Committee of the State and Tribal Government Working Group (February 1999)

The Asset Revitalization Initiative (ARI) Task Force is pleased to announce the release of its second report, Land and Asset Transfer for Beneficial Reuse, which provides information to the public on historic actions to reuse U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) assets.


  • May 24, 2016
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