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Stipend-based Internships


In addition to our Federal intern programs, The Department of Energy also offers several fellowships and stipend-based internship opportunities. These stipend-based programs are temporary positions and do not lead to a permanent Federal position. They offer insight into how the agency works and an opportunity to be part of innovation and technology, as well as gain hands-on experience while networking with other professionals.

Only here, at Energy, can you learn about other professional opportunities and continue your career in science and innovation.

DOE Scholars Program

Location: Nationwide

The DOE Scholars Program provides opportunities for college students and recent graduates to gain first-hand experience and training in the fields of science, engineering, technology, and related professions that support the mission of the DOE. These positions are typically short-term.

DOE Scholars Program

Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship

Location: Nationwide


A 10-Week Summer Internship for Women and Minority Students.

The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program (MLEF),  sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy, is a 10-week summer internship program that provides opportunities to students who are pursuing degrees in science, technology (IT), engineering or mathematics (STEM majors). The goal of the program is to improve opportunities for minority and female students in these fields, but all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. Candidates who are selected will have the opportunity to work under the mentorship of program officials and laboratory researchers on focused research projects consistent with the mission of the Office of Fossil Energy.

Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program Website

DOE Office of General Counsel

Location: Headquarters

The Office of General Counsel offers semester and summer internship opportunities for law students and undergraduates. Internships offer students an opportunity to gain firsthand exposure to cutting-edge issues in energy law and policy and experience in a number of energy-related practice areas, including: energy efficiency, nuclear security and non-proliferation, renewable technologies, alternate fuels vehicles, environmental compliance, intellectual property, alternative dispute resolution, and loan guarantee programs.

General Counsel Law Student Intern Program

General Counsel Undergraduate Intern Program

Minority Educational Institution Student Partnership Program (MEISPP)

Location: Nationwide


This program enables students to experience a summer internship at the Department of Energy, 
National Laboratories, or a field location. This program does not guarantee a position in the student’s field of interest. 

Minority Educational Institution Partnership Program

NNSA Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Program

NNSA strives to recruit and hire a highly skilled work-force representing America’s rich diversity. Highly motivated and high-performing undergraduate or graduate student attending participating Minority Serving Institution (MSI). Students gain real-world work experience related to their academic background at world-class scientific facilities or Federal offices across the country.

NNSA MSI Program

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI)

SULI encourages undergraduate students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers by providing research experi-ences at the DOE National Laboratories. They perform research under the guidance of laboratory staff scientists or engineers on projects related to ongoing programs. 

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship

Science Graduate Fellowship

The Science Graduate Fellowship supports outstanding students to pursue graduate training in fundamental research to encourage the development of the next generation scientific and technical talent in the U.S.

Science Graduate Fellowship

Community College Internship (CCI)

The Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program encourages undergraduate students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers by providing research experiences, under the guidance of laboratory staff scientists or engineers, on projects supporting the DOE mission.  Paid internships, including a weekly stipend and support for travel and housing, are for 10 weeks during the Summer Term (May to August timeframe).  

Community College Internship

Visiting Faculty Program (VFP)

VFP seeks to increase the research competitiveness of faculty members and their students at institutions historically underrepresented in the research community in order to expand the workforce vital to the DOE mission areas.  In this program, selected university/college faculty members collaborate with DOE laboratory research staff on a research project of mutual interest. Faculty member participants may invite up to two students (one of which may be a graduate student) to participate in the research project. Applicants establish their collaborations with laboratory research staff in advance of applying and must submit a co-developed research proposal as part of the application. Students apply separately at the invitation of the faculty member. Paid internships, including a weekly stipend and support for travel and housing, are for 10 weeks during the Summer Term (May to August timeframe). 

Visiting Faculty Program

National Laboratories Internships

For more information on internships at our National Labs, please visit these links:

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Sandia National Lab

Berkeley National Lab

Los Alamos National Lab

Idaho National Lab