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Indian Energy News Archive

November 1, 2013
President Issues Executive Order Aimed at Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change; Tribal Leaders to Serve on Task Force

Learn how a new federal task force that includes tribal leaders will assist the Administration in facilitating state, local, and tribal efforts to strengthen their resilience to the impacts of climate change.

October 31, 2013
President Obama Proclaims November National Native American Heritage Month

Read the Presidential Proclamation designating November 2013 National Native American Heritage Month.

October 24, 2013
October 30 Webinar to Feature Successful Tribal Renewable Energy Projects

Join the final installment of the 2013 tribal renewable energy series and get insiders' perspectives on successful tribal energy project development.

September 20, 2013
September 25 Webinar to Highlight Potential Tribal and Utility Partnership Opportunities

Join the next free Tribal Energy Series webinar to learn about opportunities for Tribes and utilities to form partnerships with the potential to improve the energy system and stimulate economic development on tribal lands.

August 21, 2013
September 4 Webinar to Explore Renewable Energy Market Trends

Join the next free tribal renewable energy series webinar to learn about factors that drive renewable energy market growth, as well as emerging technologies that may impact the future market.

July 24, 2013
Community- and Facility-Scale Tribal Renewable Energy Project Workshop to be Held in September

Tribal leaders and staff are invited to attend this interactive workshop that will walk through the five steps of developing and financing community- and facility-scale projects on tribal lands.

July 24, 2013
July 31 Webinar to Provide Guidance on Transmission Feasibility and System Impact Studies

Join the next free tribal renewable energy series webinar and learn about analyzing and assessing the impacts, costs, and benefits of transmission line upgrades and additions.

June 19, 2013
June 26 Webinar to Explore Renewable Energy Project Leasing on Tribal Lands

Get an overview of leasing regulations and find out how the Hearth Act of 2012 can streamline approval of tribal leases on Indian land.

June 14, 2013
Engaging stakeholders and identifying priorities is critical to developing a strong energy vision. Here, the START workshop held at the Passamaquoddy Tribes of Indian Township and Pleasant Point in Maine helped open the lines of communication between two reservations that exist under a single Tribe. Photo from Paul Dearhouse of Dearhouse Consulting Group, NREL 24503
Tribal Strategic Energy Planning Provides a Step in the Right Direction

The DOE Office of Indian Energy has developed a nine-step strategic energy planning process that gives Tribes a road map to success.

June 7, 2013
This map from a newly published DOE Office of Indian Energy white paper shows transmission lines highlighted in red, military bases in green, and tribal lands in purple. Of the Tribes identified in the paper as being in close proximity to military bases, 54% are located in the West, 18% in the Pacific Northwest, and 12% in New England and New York.
New Renewable Energy Development Resources for Tribes

The DOE Office of Indian Energy has released a comprehensive new training curriculum and five new publications that offer in-depth guidance on tribal renewable energy development opportunities as well as project planning and financing.