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Office Inspector General DOE Annual Performance Report FY 2008, Annual Performance Plan FY 2009

During Fiscal Year (FY) 2008, we reviewed a variety of critical areas relevant to the Department’s mission priorities. One of our goals, for example, was to examine possible programmatic improvements in Department operations relating to cyber security and contract management. Overall, our efforts resulted in the issuance of over 70 audit and inspection reports containing recommendations for enhancing Departmental operations, with likely savings of over $7 million. Further as a result of our investigative efforts, we obtained 20 criminal convictions, recovered $22.8 million in fines, restitutions and settlements, and, processed over 1,100 complaints and concerns from employees,
contractors, and taxpayers regarding the Department and its functions.
In the upcoming year, the OIG plans to focus its efforts on addressing other OIG-identified Management Challenges: safeguards and security, environmental cleanup, stockpile stewardship, and energy supply. No doubt, we will also be involved in the effort to restructure the IG community’s governance model as called for in the Inspector General
Reform Act of 2008. Among a number of initiatives, this includes the standing up of a new, unified, executive council for the IG community. We anticipate being directly involved in this and a number of related activities.