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Management Challenges at the Department of Energy, IG-0748

On an annual basis, the Office of Inspector General identifies what it considers to be the
most significant management challenges Facing the Department of Energy. Now required
as part of the Reports Consolidation Act of 2000, this effort includes an assessment of the
agency's progress in addressing previously identified challenges and an evaluation of
emerging issues facing the Department. Our conclusions are based on the results of
current Office of Inspector General audits, inspections and investigations.
l~'hroug11th is evaluation, the Office of Inspector General highlights high risk
Departmental activities and those activities with demonstrated performance problems.
Consistent with our mission, the overall goal is to focus attention on significant issues
with the objective of enhancing the effectiveness of agency programs and operations.
The Management challenge process is also used by the Office of Inspector General to set
internal priorities for evaluating Department programs and operations.