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Inspection Report: INS-O-04-01

August 31, 2004

Inspection of Intelligence Oversight Activities at Selected Field Sites

On December 4, 1981, the President issued Executive Order 12333 (E.O. 12333), "United States Intelligence Activities." The purpose of the E.O. 12333 is to ensure the effective conduct of United States intelligence and counterintelligence activities, specifically, to protect the rights of "U.S. persons" during the conduct of these activities. In 1992, the Department of Energy (DOE) established guidelines to implement the requirements of E.O. 12333. These guidelines, entitled "Department of Energy Procedures for Intelligence Activities" (Procedures), govern activities such as the collection, retention and dissemination of information about "U.S. persons" by DOE intelligence and counterintelligence elements. Futher, the Procedures mandate that conduct that may violate E.O. 12333 be reported to the Director of the Office of Intelligence (IN) and to either the Inspector General or to the General Counsel.