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Inspection Report: IG-0438

January 25, 1999

Inspection of Reporting at Oak Ridge of Potential Noncompliances With DOE Price-Anderson Amendments Act Implementing Rules

To provide oversight of how well Department of Energy (DOE) contractors were adhering to the nuclear safety rules established by the Department to implement the Price-Anderson Amendments Act of 1988 (PAAA), DOE established an enforcement program, managed by the Office of Environment, Safety and Health (EH). The purpose of the program is to identify and penalize DOE contractors for unsafe actions or conditions that violate nuclear safety requirements for protecting workers and the public. The single most important goal of the Department’s PAAA enforcement program is to encourage early identification and reporting of nuclear safety deficiencies and violations of DOE nuclear safety requirements by the DOE contractors themselves, rather than by DOE. Enforcement actions may include the issuance of Notices of Violations and, where appropriate, civil monetary penalties of up to $110,000 per violation per day. The objective of our inspection was to determine whether potential noncompliances with nuclear safety rules at the Department’s Oak Ridge site were being identified and self-reported.