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Audit Report: WR-B-99-03

March 11, 1999

Hanford Site Contractors' Use of Site Services

To operate the Hanford Site (Site), contractors need to use numerous services, such as telecommunications, copying, and photography. The Richland Operations Office (Richland) directed certain contractors to provide these and other services, called "site services," for the benefit of all contractors and assigned responsibility for optimal utilization of these services to its Site Infrastructure Division (SID). In the past, the Office of Inspector General audited several site services, including groundwater monitoring, protective forces, personnel security clearances, railroad services, and fleet management. These audits disclosed that the services were not always efficiently and effectively coordinated. Therefore, the objective of this audit was to examine other site services, principally those provided at least in part by Fluor Daniel Hanford, Inc., to determine if contractors were acquiring services already available.