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Audit Report: OAS-M-04-04

May 20, 2004

Management Controls Over the Licensing Support Network for the Yucca Mountain Repository

Decards of nuclear weapons and commercial power production have left a large legacy of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. In 2002, Congress approved construction of the first geological waste repository in Yucca Mountain, Nevada, to dispose of this waste. Prior to construction, the Nuclear Regularoty Commission (NRC) must grant the Department of Energy (Department) a license to construct the facility. Before beginning the license application process in December 2004, the Department is required to publicly disclose all relevent documents by posting them on the Department's public website which is accessible through the NRC-sponsored, internet-based Licensing Support Network (Network). To satisfy current schedule requirements, the Department must certify that relevant documents have been posted to the Network and made available for public review by June 2004. The Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Managment (OCRWM) is responsible for all aspects of the license application process.